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It can be due to something that connects the couples emotionally, or it can be simply two people getting to know each other and falling in love just like couples in normal situations.However, it’s hard to forget that these men ARE prisoners serving sentences for everything from theft to murder.What is it that motivates these women to devote their lives to men behind bars?

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If all you need is a voice over the phone or talking face to face a few times a week, this may be the relationship for you.

Start writing Women Behind Bars and gain a pen pal today!

If you are a woman dating, thinking about dating, or have met a man through an online prison pen pal site who is incarcerated, you may find yourself asking one or more of the following questions: What should I expect? However, keep in mind that some people change based on their circumstances.

On the other hand, you may be setting your own self up for failure because you are dealing with a man that is financially and emotionally dependent on you, and after he is released, there is no guarantee he will be with you. If you had a relationship before, you can probably draw your own conclusion based on how he treated you prior to getting locked up.

If you’re considering a relationship with a man behind bars, you should keep in mind that while you may be able to say that you have someone in your life; it may also be a rather lonely existence.

You’ll still be watching movies alone or with friends, spending Valentine’s Day alone unless it happens to be visiting day, and pretty much all other special or important occasions by yourself.

Relationships not to mention marriages also that have been created with Women Behind Bars remains very high.

Many people would agree that everyone deserves a second chance additionally.

These female inmates are even looking to further their education while incarcerated.

Inmates finding pen pals to write on the “outside” was the way to go.

What makes these women decide to pledge themselves to men that, many times, they will never be with in any way other than by telephone or on visiting days at the prison?

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