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Rosemary likens unwary, lonely women to sheep holding out the key to their bedroom door to any wolf that knows how to say what women want to hear.My momma said it to me years ago: Men will promise love to get sex; women will give away sex hoping that the promise of love is honest.I like her very much and have a great deal of respect for her.

This is a book by the brave for the brave who want to be open to new relationships but not get tremendously hurt in the process.

Rosemary bares her soul in the experiences and feelings that she shares from the journal she kept while dating dozens of guys met online.

My main complaint was that the book does get repetitive after a while.

I admit that I cringed when I read the title of Rosemary's book; but when I read further to find out why she chose the title I understood and agreed.

(And then there was that other saying about "Why buy the cow....) Female self-delusion has been here for centuries.

The internet just makes it easier for the guys to find the gals; to say what the gals want to hear; and to get those gals to give them the time of day - their phone number - and even more.....I know all about the uniquely feminine pain of wishing you'd been born with a prettier face.I know how it feels to be called ugly names in school and endure vicious teasing just because you are not pretty.I didn't feel that I was qualified to review the book for those reasons.I did, however, buy the book for each of two friends who are very much involved in Internet dating and they LOVED the book!Rose has appeared on PBS (History Detectives), A&E (Biography), CBS (Sunday Morning News) and her book was featured in its own category on Jeopardy.


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