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In 1822, when the area was formally opened up to settlement, James Webber established "Tocal" on his land grant immediately to the north-east of Swan's farm; Tocal to become among the most successful of the farming establishments on the lower Paterson River.

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is a service company in Newcastle, New South Wales. This private company was founded in 1998 (16 years ago).

However, from the early 1820s, the prominence of Old Banks as the Government's primary frontier seat of Government, and the 'original' Paterson, waned as a consequence of the establishment (from c.1818) and prolific growth of the Government's rural settlement and township at Wallis Plains (now East Maitland) ten kilometres to the south.

With the construction of an overland route direct to north-western Sydney in 1823, Wallis Plains became the centre of the Lower Hunter Valley's connections with Sydney and the penal settlement at Newcastle.

The first known European in the area was the man whose name the town was to adopt, Colonel William Paterson, who, in 1801, surveyed the area beside the river that Governor King named in his honour.

As with so many colonial settlements, timbercutters, after local supplies of red cedar, followed in the footsteps of the explorers and surveyors.

It is approximately 15 minutes drive north along either Tocal or Paterson Roads from the nearest major township of Maitland.

The Paterson railway station lies on the main North Coast Railway Line between Sydney and Brisbane with daily services north to Dungog and south-east to Newcastle.

Bordered by Queensland to the north, South Australia to the west and Victoria to the south, this historic state basks in its budding metropolistic status.

It’s the most populous, industrialised, urbanised and historic Australian territory – New South Wales singles (or should we say, New South Welshman) are lucky to be dating in such a dynamic and vibrant state.

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