Questions to ask a man while dating

Something so obvious the complainer would have already thought of it, but there must be a reason why they did not do it.It may be that there are no other local doctors, it may be that they have tried the others and they are worse, but never give such obvious advice to anyone with a brain. People will ask for their money back if you tell them something really obvious and expect to get paid for it.The thing about giving advice is that everyone thinks they can do it, and when they think they will get their name plastered over a newspaper, magazine or website they are even more keen.

She simply feels better if she lets off steam or gets sympathy about it inbetween the many bad bits! And if you criticise him she will feel worse, she does not want to be reminded that she is needy and returning to a bad man, something she will do anyway.

She has to tell herself that he is really a good man and he really loves her as this makes it more bearable.

You could say that if they are not bright enough to advise others they are not bright enough to realise this and need me to point it out. Yet you could tell by the way they contacted me and the things they said that they knew they were inadequate. Because they tell me that they cannot get a job, they were fired from Mc Donalds for being inadequate and slow and turning up late all the time, they want a job that pays a lot more than that but where they can work from home and feel important. Wanting to fill the blanks when nothing is being said.

Not one word about being a capable person, not one word about caring for others, it is all about them. It does not mean that they value your opinion or want to hear it.

A good advice columnist will get into the skin of the person and feel for them as well as just see what is going on.

You will not get this luxury if you write to a magazine or newspaper column where they often just write a few words very quickly because they are inundated, and usually they miss most of what you wrote because they are so busy, and usually they just send you a link to a website, something you could have found for yourself in ten minutes.

An advice columnist, agony aunt is well respected because their lives are sorted and they do not need advice themselves.

Some are followers some are leaders, our clients are followers our staff are leaders. An agony aunt is wise, they have compassion, very oftenthey earn a very good living working as a doctor, therapist, counsellor, nurse, or some other well and respectable profession.

We do not ask for experience or qualificaitionsbecause we know from experience that usually when peoplestart to tell us all about their experience it has nothing to do with selling advice!

Either they will tell us that their friends come tothem for comfort - so what, we all get that, even those of us who are awful at advice get it - because it is easy to get to and free not because it is any good - or they tell us how much theywould love to help people yet somehow have never had the chance, strange that as we all get chances to help others each and every day in lots of different ways...

The world is full of people who would love to earn £40 per hour but do not have enough skill, experience, talent or brains to be able to.


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